Sugar is the worst.

Sugar is sweetly addictive and it's wreaking havoc on our bodies. We want to help improve your relationship with sweetness and make it healthier!


Why is sugar so bad for you?

We're all about indulging in sweets from time to time, but the problem is that we're eating more sugar than ever. It's everywhere! Diabetes Canada recommends that the average adult has 50g of sugar per day, when a standard can of pop has 38g of sugar (!!!) alone. Sugar is hidden in our foods, our drinks, and our snacks. In fact, sugar is in so many foods we eat that we've lost our ability to tell when things are far too sweet...and it's making us fat and sick.


See this video from Cancer Council Victoria that explains how sugar is leading to weight gain.

We can help

When we started 'Nufs Superfood Snack Bites, our plan was to bring authentic Asian flavours to healthy snacks. But as more people tried our product we kept hearing the same thing over and over again:


"At first I though your snacks needed to be sweeter, but after eating your snacks for a few weeks, I now realize that everything else is much too sweet!"

"Your snacks are replacing all of the junky treats I used to mindlessly eat and it makes me feel better to know I'm nourishing my body when I snack. Now I have treats when I want to."

"Was everything else always much too sweet? I eat way less sugar now."

The usual tactics aren't working

The Plan The Drawback

Cutting cold turkey

This is often a really hard thing to do and can result in sugar binges that leave you worse off!

Swapping sugar with alternative sweeteners like erythritol, stevia, or others

Alternative sweeteners have no nutritional value and studies show that 'tricking the sweet receptors in your brain', results in more calorie consumption (see here)


The other sweeteners also leave a weird taste in your mouth (these are straight facts)

We want to prove that you can retrain your tastebuds to appreciate what sweetness levels should actually be - and do it gradually, nutritiously, and deliciously!


Introducing the...

Here's how it works

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  3. Commit to introducing our snack bites into your routine every day for 2 weeks
  4. At the end of the two weeks, we'll ask you to fill out an exit survey 


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Snack your way to a healthier relationship with sweetness!

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