What are ‘Nufs?

‘Nufs are soft bites that are nutritious and filling. They’re great for snacking because they’re satisfying and satiating. This makes them perfect for when your lunch is later than you thought, you’re between work and the gym, or you’re on the go. ‘Nufs are enough to keep you nourished.

What’s the shelf life for ‘Nufs?

We make our ‘Nufs the old-fashioned way without any preservatives and we’re proud that they actually expire!

Good in the fridge for one month.
Good in the freezer for 6 months.
Good on-the-go for 10 days.

Do ‘Nufs always need to be in the fridge?

Short answer: No! Think of them like fresh produce - they’re fine out on the counter, but are fresher for longer in the fridge.

How do I eat ‘Nufs if I put them in the freezer?

You can enjoy cold ‘Nufs right from the freezer! They’re still soft enough to bite into and are a great treat for a hot day!

Otherwise, you can transfer them to the fridge or leave them on the counter for 10 minutes to thaw out more.

Do kids like ‘Nufs?

Yes! Our bites are kid-approved! In fact, studies have shown that introducing kids to different flavours and foods when they’re young is proven to put them on a path to being healthier adults in the future.

How are ‘Nufs made?

‘Nufs are made the old-fashioned way: by hand and in a kitchen…but a very big commercial kitchen :)

How are you staying safe during COVID?

We bake in a commercial facility that practices social distancing while also minimizing and limiting the number of bakers in the facility at any given time. Our team also wears gloves, hair nets, and masks throughout the baking and packing process.

Are ‘Nufs organic?

We try to source organic ingredients, where possible. Organic ingredients are listed under our ingredient details.

Are ‘Nufs vegan?

Yes! Our bites are 100% plant-based.

Are you going to introduce more flavours?

ABSOLUTELY! DM us and let us know what kind of flavours you’d like to see next!


How are ‘Nufs delivered?

We deliver ‘Nufs through a number of different delivery partners, depending on where we can get the most competitive rates. You’ll receive a tracking number for your order once the package has shipped!

We hand-deliver some packages in Toronto, but we ensure our delivery team are wearing masks and provide contactless service.

How long does it take for ‘Nufs to be delivered?

Our major delivery partners are experiencing backlogs due to COVID-19. As of July 2020 here are the processing times we have seen across Canada.

Right now, Ontario deliveries usually take 1-4 days and deliveries outside of Ontario usually take 4-8 days. Please note that all shipped packages ordered Thursday will ship Monday due to Canada Post weekend closures.

We hand-deliver some packages in Toronto, but we ensure our delivery team are wearing masks and provide contactless service.

What if we have issues with our delivery?

If you aren't completely happy with your order, send us an email to within 7 days of receiving your order and we will happily refund your order (excluding shipping costs) within 3 business days.