Oh, hello!
We're Jess & Kristine*

(*Jess says she gets top billing because she made this page. Even though Kristine is older and came first.)

If you can’t tell, we’re sisters! We were born in Regina, Saskatchewan, raised in Pinawa, Manitoba...and we now call Toronto home!

After working desk jobs for the past ten years, we started to really feel the impact of the foods we eat on our minds and our bodies and we -surprisingly- found the biggest driver of feeling good was taking out refined sugars. Diabetes runs in our family and making snacks that are low in sugar was really important to us.

But as we started to pay more attention to the ingredient lists, we found that we couldn’t get the tasty flavours we grew up with in a clean and nutritious format. In fact, when we walked the healthy snack aisles at the grocery store, it was looking pretty…. granola.

We started ‘Nufs to make fresh Superfood Snack Bites and bring 'not too sweet' flavour  to the natural health foods space.

Our snacks are nutritious.
Our snacks are filling.
And our snacks are delicious!

When you’re looking for a snack, Nufs are enough.